Nancy is hopeful that the website giving the opportunity to SEE and LISTEN to a portion of a song will eliminate, for many of you, the need for a preview copy. If a preview copy is still a MUST for you, these rules apply:

  • Maximum number of songs requested for preview: 4
  • Preview time is 2 weeks
  • Cost of preview: If one of the ordered songs is purchased, there is NO PREVIEW FEE. If you purchase NO music as a result of the preview request(s), please send a total of $5 transaction fee for the entire order to NANCY B MUSIC. (This $5 transaction fee will appear on your invoice.)
  • Preview copies are sent as an email attachment. All copies NOT PURCHASED must be SHREDDED. Scout's Honor! Sweet Adeline Honor, too!

To request your preview(s), fill out the form below:

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